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Tutorial on changing the video matrix

If you want to change the matrix of the video, you can do it with the changeVideoMatrix method.


To hide/show a user in the layout, you need to list or remove a user into transmitted participants list. When the matrix type with one large video slot, the first user in the list of participants is larger.

Sample request:

– indicates allocation matrix (one big video and smaller ones).

Parameters description:

participants – the list of conference participants;
matrixType – a matrix allocation type.

There are the following matrix types:

0 – one video slot. If participants contain more than one user, the first user in the list will be displayed;
1 – a large video slot of the interlocutor, and a small selfview in the corner
2 – all video slots are the same size;
3 – one video slot is large (upper left corner), the rest are small around it;
4 – one video slot is large (centered above), the rest are small below;
5 – one video slot is large (left side), the rest are small right of it;
6 – one large video slot is in the middle, the remaining small slots are below and can crawl into it within reasonable limits.

TrueConf SDK 2.0 for Windows

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