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With many years’ experience of video conferencing development behind us, we are happy to share TrueConf’s best solutions with our users and customers. Many of TrueConf’s functions are available in the form of various SDKs and APIs. Bring to life your most daring video conferencing and collaboration ideas with the help of our development kits!

SDK for Windows

This library is designed for adding video conferencing into any software for Windows. It is based on ActiveX technology and can be used in any development frameworks for this operating system, including IDE Microsoft Visual Studio and Embarcadero Delphi, as well as JavaScript applications for Internet Explorer 8+ (incredible as it may seem!).
All applications based on this SDK can be integrated into your video conferencing infrastructure. TrueConf Server software or private cloud containing several TrueConf Servers can be used as video conferencing server. The number of users supported by your infrastructure is not limited.


How to start using SDK

  1. Install TrueConf Server Free video conferencing server using our detailed guide. You can install TrueConf Server on the same PC where you will develop your applications.
  2. Please contact our sales department to connect external SDK applications to TrueConf Server. Although it is a free option, your new license will be of limited duration.
  3. Please request TrueConf SDK for Windows installer in our sales department. Describe your project in details, and our technical support agents will do their best to assist you during your SDK testing period.
  4. Install TrueConf SDK for Windows. ActiveX component will be added into the system where derivative application will be developed.
  5. Follow use cases described below. Clone them from our GitHub repository with the help of git clone command.


Visual Studio use cases


Delphi use cases


Calling examples

The library will do the most difficult things for you: trace states, ensure media data and statuses synchronization, etc. You can find examples of ActiveX calls in TrueConf SDK for Windows components below.

SDK for Windows.

Call users with user ID based in C#

Accept incoming call based in Pascal (Delphi)



Read our tutorials.


Frequently Asked Questions

Read our FAQ.


Custom projects based on TrueConf SDK


Additional materials

  • TrueConf SDK for Windows raw documentation.
  • Functions titles in TrueConf SDK for Windows and TrueConf Terminal API: Conversion table.
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