TrueConf SDK for Windows

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TrueConf SDK doesn’t work on virtual machines

We don’t recommend using TrueConf SDK on virtual machines.


How to set up a new project
For C# projects

Platform target

Set Platform target to x86 in your project settings.


Error #8

After an authorization attempt using the login () command, errorCode = 8 is received in OnXLoginError ().


TrueConf SDK extension is not activated in your TrueConf Server’s license.


Please contact us at to enable this extension on your server.


Messages cannot be sent to chat using sendMessage command

There are two common reasons:

  1. You have indicated short user ID in sendMessage() command. Please note that you need to indicate full ID, e.g.
  2. You try to assemble project on x64 platform. Please specify Target platform as x86 in your project settings.


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