TrueConf SDK for Windows

TrueConf For Developers

How to create a new application

You may found step-by-step manual on how to create an application based on
TrueConf SDK for Windows aka CallX.

#1. OnXAfterStart Event

This event tells application that component is successfully running and ready for work.

We recommend to add following operation in this handler:

  1. Connection to the server:

    connectToServer() function

  2. Hardware capture.
    Set camera and audio devices

#2. OnServerConnected event

Indicates successfull connection to the TrueConf Server.

Into this event handler call login() function.

#3. OnXChangeState event

This event guarantees that application will be always aware about current status of logged-in user.

#4. OnXLoginError event

Appears in case of authorization error.

#5. OnInviteReceived

It’s activated at the moment when application receives incoming videocall or video conference invitation.

#6. shutdown() function

It’s required to call this function when working with component is over.

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