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! TrueConf SDK 2.1 for Windows required

Only the conference owner or moderators and operators can control the cameras of other users. If you want to control another user’s camera, you first need to send a request to the user, using the GetFECCControl() method with the peerId (TrueConf ID) as a parameter.

Then the user whose camera you want to control receives the OnFECCRequest() event with your request and can accept or reject it using the FECCAccept() and FECCReject() methods.

After that you recieve OnFECCControl() event with user answer (1 – your request accepted, 0 – your request rejected), peerId (if you send request to multiple users) and instance of Object or IDispatch that you need to cast to IFECCControl interface type.

So now you have an instance of the IFECCControl interface type, and you can control the user camera with the following commands:

  • GetOtherId() – get id of user whose camera you control;
  • Up() – move camera up;
  • Down() – move camera down;
  • Left() – move camera left;
  • Right() – move camera right;
  • ZoomInc() – zoom in;
  • ZoomOut() – zoom out;
  • FocusInc() – increase focus;
  • FocusOut() – decrease focus;
  • Stop() – stop camera movement;
  • Use_Preset() – use position from saved presets;
  • Save_Preset() – save current position as preset;
  • Position() – set position parameters, such as panning (left-right) and tilt (up-down);
  • Home() – set the camera to the default position.

A detailed description of the methods and events can be found in the SDK documentation (CallX.pdf).

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