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Authorization error codes

Code Description
0 — USER_LOGGEDIN_OK Login successful, otherwise error code
1 — USER_ALREADY_LOGGEDIN Answer on CheckUserLoginStatus_Method, if current CID is already authorized at TransportRouter
2 — NO_USER_LOGGEDIN Answer on CheckUserLoginStatus_Method, if current CID is not authorized at TransportRouter — try to login
3 — ACCESS_DENIED Incorrect password or other problems with DB
4 — SILENT_REJECT_LOGIN Client shouldn’t show error to user (example: incorrect AutoLoginKey)
5 — LICENSE_USER_LIMIT License restriction of online users reached, server cannot login you
6 — USER_DISABLED User exists, but is disabled to use this server
7 — RETRY_LOGIN Client should retry to login after timeout (value in container or default), due to server busy or other server problems
8 — INVALID_CLIENT_TYPE User cannot login using this client app (try to use other type of client app)
9 — SESSION_WAIT User waits for an email with a link or code to confirm registration
USER_PASSWORD_EXPIRED = 65213 User’s password expired
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